Loading, Styling and Displaying Ordnance Survey Mastermap Data

with Open Source Software

Jo Cook, Astun Technology / @archaeogeek

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Starting Point: compressed gz files of Mastermap Data

End Point: Styled Mapping Data useable as vector (PostGIS or WFS) or raster (WMS)

What tools are we going to use?


  • Python
  • OGR
  • PostGIS

And possibly...

  • QGIS
  • MapServer
  • OpenLayers

How do these fit together?


Step 1

  • Get Loader from GitHub and see the Loader wiki for installation instructions
  • Get Dependencies (GDAL and Python via OSGeo4W, and lxml via easy_install)
  • Get Data
  • Configure the database
  • Configure Loader

Step 2

Run Loader

python loader.py loader.config

Examine results in database


Step 3

Connect to PostGIS database using QGIS


Use the mapserver plugin to style data and configure map file, or use the map file included with Loader


Step 4

View data as WMS in QGIS


Deep dive into Loader

  • It's not just for Mastermap- it can be used for Police neighbourhoods, Land Registry, AddressBase, VectorMapLocal, etc, etc!
  • It's not just for PostGIS, it can be used for any ogr-supported output
  • Use gfs and ogr (in Loader.config) for fine-grained control of output format and structure
  • Contributing

    Loader is on Github so we value contributions!

    Here's the URL again: https://github.com/AstunTechnology/Loader

    Thanks :-)

    Find this talk on github https://github.com/archaeogeek/aging_loaderdemo

    Jo Cook, Astun Technology / @archaeogeek

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