Old-fashioned GeoNetwork Integrations

Novel approaches to meet customer requirements for data processing and analytics, integrating out-dated technologies within a modern cloud infrastructure

Jo Cook, Astun Technology

Some background

Astun Technology manage GeoNetwork catalogs for Scottish Government, the Environment Agency, DEFRA, and many regional authorities

We've also created the Gemini 2.3 Plugin for GeoNetwork and are working on a workflow for non-spatial metadata

#1: CSV files for bulk updates

Template-based excel spreadsheets or google sheets for metadata updates

excel template

Python processing in AWS Cloud 9

CSV files are processed using the q-search endpoint and API for updating records in bulk
As customers cannot always install python environments locally, AWS Cloud 9 is used.

S3 bucket

Email → AWS S3 bucket

For regular updates, customers email a csv file to an address associated with an AWS S3 bucket that is accessible to the processing script.

S3 bucket

#2: Zeppelin Analytics

Simpler dashboarding and interrogation of the PostgreSQL back-end database using SQL

S3 bucket

Integration with GeoNetwork user database

Users can log in with their existing GeoNetwork credentials (admins only)

Complex queries

Easily write SQL queries to answer complex questions

Flexible outputs

Easy to change output type, and to download results

S3 bucket


  • Spreadsheets and SQL are familiar to end-users
  • They meet different use-cases to the standard functionality
  • They are easy to transfer between GeoNetwork versions
  • Integrated in a modern cloud environment they can be powerful additions to GeoNetwork

Thank You!

Jo Cook, Astun Technology


Old-fashioned GeoNetwork Integrations