Don't be afraid to commit

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This workshop is inspired by the "Don't be afraid to commit" workshops run at various PyCon events, and documented at readthedocs but with a focus on getting you going with GitHub, learning how to submit bugs properly, and finally submitting fixes (or pull requests) to projects. We'll briefly touch on things like python virtual environments, containers, like Docker, and also also the markdown and restructured text syntaxes commonly used for documentation.

The purpose of the workshop

We'll hopefully get you in a position where you're familiar with the basic ideas of using GitHub and submitting minor pull requests, as well as submitting bug requests that project maintainers will appreciate.

What we're covering

  • How to set up and use Git and GitHub
  • How to report a bug
  • How to submit a pull request to a project hosted on GitHub
  • A brief intro into Python virtual environments and Docker containers and how they might help with bug submission

What we're not covering

  • How to fix a specific problem
  • Advanced Git and GitHub ninja skills
  • Documentation translation