Getting Started with Git and GitHub

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This workshop is inspired by the "Don't be afraid to commit" workshops run at various PyCon events, and documented at readthedocs but with a focus on getting you going with Git and GitHub (*), and submitting minor fixes to existing projects. We'll also look briefly at your methods for recovering from diaster.

* Other repositories do exist

The purpose of the workshop

We'll hopefully get you in a position where you're familiar with the basic concepts involved with Command-line Git, GitHub and submitting minor pull requests.

What we're covering

  • Hands on- how to set up and use Git and GitHub
  • Hands on- how to submit brief documentation fixes to projects on GitHub
  • Hands on- how to submit a pull request to a project hosted on GitHub
  • Extras- how to recover from disaster
  • Extras- summary of all the Git commands we've covered
  • Extras- references, links to further resources

What we're not covering

  • GUIs for Git/GitHub- too many different variants exist to easily teach in one class, and besides a bit of CLI-fu is a good thing
  • Specific Open Source Projects

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